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Policy pertaining to quoting and setting links to the website of the Infectious Disease Surveillance Center, National Institute of Infectious Diseases

Infectious Disease Surveillance Center (IDSC), National Institute of Infectious Diseases,created an website to provide information that could be used to contribute to awareness about and effective measures against infectious diseases as well as to improve public health. If used for these purposes, we would like to see as many people as possible take advantage of the valuable data made available. Unfortunately, there may be rare instances in which this information is used in a way that is contrary to its original purpose and, because of this, we have established the following basic rules to clearly define the responsibilities of the creator and users.

Please read the following when quoting or setting links to the website.

  • Please refrain from quoting, reproducing or copying any information appearing on the IDSC website (texts, statistics, diagrams, graphs, photographs, illustrations, pamphlets, etc.) without authorization from IDSC, except for cases clearly indicating the source and utilizing to combat infectious diseases, improve public health or for any academic or scientific purpose. IDSC had to acquire permission to use some of the images appearing on the website from researchers or research institutes/international organizations and the copyrights to those images belong to their corresponding researchers and institutes (names of those researchers and institutes are stated on the website).
  • It is forbidden to alter the content of the website in whole or in part without authorization from IDSC.
  • Using the information appearing on the website in whole or in part for profit-making is contrary to its original purpose, and therefore, requires to obtain permission of the Director of IDSC.
  • Please acknowledge that IDSC reserves the right to alter or delete the content of this website without prior notification.

  • The accuracy of the information contained on the website has been validated, however, IDSC bears no responsibility whatsoever for any acts committed as a result of misunderstanding or coming to conclusions contrary to the true meaning of an entire text due to the extraction of certain passages by users without consideration for the preceding or proceeding context.

  • In principle, links to the IDSC website can be set freely (link free). Nevertheless, IDSC may refuse to set links to websites whose contents or operation run contrary to the aims of IDSC or if it is considered to be significantly unfavorable to the public interest, used for commercial purposes or tarnish the credibility of the IDSC. When restriction of setting a link is indicated on a page, the above could not be applied.
  • When setting a link, please indicate that it is linked to the website of the Infectious Disease Surveillance Center, National Institute of Infectious Diseases.
  • Please refrain from displaying the contents of the IDSC website combined with other contents or displaying those as a part of the site where a link has been set even if shown independently. Do not display pages of our website in frames.
  • The URLs, excluding that of the top page, may be changed without prior notification.


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