Infectious Disease Sureillance Center

Q1. Who can apply the program?
Physican or veterinarian with 3 years or more working experience.

Q2.Is salary and domicile offered FETP officer?
The National Institute of Infectious Diseases(NIID) DOES NOT pay or offer domicile. Applicants should be guaranteed by their current employers that they are seconded to NIID with pay for 2 years.

Q3.Is any degree given to those who complete the program?
Diploma will be given to those who successfully complete the program by NIID. the program is not any part of academic degree.

Q4.Is it possible to shorten the training period?
Principally,training period will be 2 years.But Introductory course(1month)is open for those who are interested in field epidemiology.

Q5.Can I be involved in field epidemiology other than infectious diseases?
Principally, the study topics are aimed for infectious disease emidemiology only.

Q6.Where can I recieve trainng other than NIID?
The FETP trainees may have a chance to work at the quarantine station, Department of Health of the Prefectural Governments, the Ministry of Health of foreign Governments, or United Nations agencies, however such working occasion is temporal. The ETP trainees are stationed at NIID.

Q7. How much is English proficiency required?
The FETP trainees are expected to work in Japan most of the training period. However,strong English proficiency to read many English literatures, or to discuss at international conference. Hopefully, the applicants have enough English proficiency to study for post-graduate degree in English speaking countries.

Q8.What status is given by NIID?
TheFETP traininees are registered as visiting researcher to NIID during the training period.

Q9.Is it true that Japanese can not apply foreign FETPs, since the program started in Japan?
Epidemic Intelligence Service(EIS) of United States recieves foreign officers from Germany, Canada, and applicants should have strong reasons why they do not apply to the home country's program.

Q10.Which position will the FETP alumni be assigned after the program?
The FETP alumni are expected to disseminate principals of field epidemiology to the previous work place, as well as being a core persons of field epidemiology network in the region.

Q11.How many applicants will be accepted next year?
Because of limitation of staff number and space in NIID, few applicants will be accepted next year.

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