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I am affiliated with Osaka prefectural government as well. After working as a pediatrician, I got into Osaka Prefecture Public Health Center. I was engaged in infectious diseases control there and strongly realized the importance of epidemiology. I would like to become an expert of infectious diseases control, contribute to Osaka prefecture and play a role in FETP-network.

since I graduated from Tokyo Medical and Dental University in 1997, I had worked as a physician at Saku Central Hospital and Shizuoka Cancer Center Hospital. My speciality is infectious diseases including nosocomial infection. I found out the importance of infectious diseases epidemiology through my clinical experience. I believe it is important to learn epidemiological knowledge and skills for infectious diseases physicians.

I worked as a infectious diseases physician in Okinawa prefectural hospital. I decided to join to FETP course in order to look infectious diseases down at public health's view. Infectious diseases from a public health's view is very different with one from a clinical view. It is very interesting and exciting. Join us!

I graduated from Hokkaido University in 2000. I had trained as a resident for 5 years in Kobe and Tokyo. After residency, I worked in the Tokyo Metropolitan Hospital as an infectious diseases physician. When I worked in the hospital, I saw a lot of patients who suffered from infectious diseases. I became interested in epidemiology because most infectious diseases are preventable. FETP training couse is very interesting for me!

Hello, I am in the 11th cohort of FETP, assigned from Quarantine Station. Last year I worked at Chubu airport as a quarantine officer and realized that I need to study more. FETP is a very good course to study public health and epidemiology and besides to meet a lot of nice people.

I was a graduate student in the Department of Epidemiology, Okayama University Graduate School. I want to study field epidemiology on the job and participate in the FETP-J course. I want to gain my experience and improve my knowledge. In the furture, I hope to work in the public health field and be an epidemiologist.

Hello, everyone. I am from Yokohama City University. After working as an urologist for 9 years, I joined in FETP as a 10th cohort. I have got engaged in the outbreak investigation of health care associated infection, pandemic influenza, shigellosis. In addition, I could work for WHO as a rumor surveillance officer for 3 months. I feel this 2-year course is a really precious experience, and you surely enjoy can this course as well.

I worked in the public health centers in Yokohama and Yokosuka city. I experienced the large measles outbreak in 2007- 2008. From the necessity of field epidemiology to take measures for the outbreak and to understand the relationship between the vaccination status and the outbreak, I applied to FETP-J course. I'd like to improve and utilize field investigation skill in the local government.

I came from Japanese Ground Defence Force. After graduation from National Defence Medical College, I worked at hospital and force. I joined Field Epidemiology Training Program to learn the infection control measures. In this course we learned and experienced a lot of basical and advance matters on the infection control measures systematically, so this is very useful course. After returning to force, I would like to reinforce the knowledge and experience which I obtained from this course and use them to control infection.

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